Its Time To Plan For Your Future

As an individual you seem to be happy once you have a job and think it will last a life time.  ‘Ignorance’ – I will say. We have now fully moved into a century that once that job  is under threat – you can always have someone to blame for the situation. Why?

You latch unto all sorts of reasons to justify and mitigate every excuse – ‘I was very ill’; I suffered stress; I was not trained; I was frustrated, I was angry, I did not receive adequate support  …  the list is endless.

How often do you take time to consider  your actions in a logical way and identify the rationale behind your ‘often’ lacking attitudes and assess what really is the problem behind those behaviours, the impact on those you blame – your colleagues, friends, families, partners, children, pets etc. Why don’t you take time to think through and engage in a more meaningful debate of how these issues can be managed in your daily living.

Often, there has been a range of factors which would have contributed or resulted in the particular outcome but you point fingers at other matters but do little to address or seek to resolve the underlying and substantive issues.

Whilst there has been shift in the economy and employers are finding it necessary to reduce overheads, do you still find yourself caught in vicious cycle – ‘it is not my fault’ syndrome?  The fact is workforce costs are and will continue to be under increasing scrutiny and employers are required to deliver ever “better for less” service.

You and I need to look inward and make a change now, otherwise shifting the blame will not resolve to a solution but facing reality will allow time to plan for your future.

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