Job Interviews – “Standing out from the Crowd”

With Christmas sneaking up on us, if you are just starting out on your job search then this could be the perfect time for you to do so, and if you have been searching for a while then it  really is time to intensify on your job hunting.

Although there has been a continuous shift in the economy, the recession has not had a direct impact on all jobs and many people searching for new opportunities have to really demonstrate to prospective employers their worth and confident to deliver. 

So what do you need to do to get ahead?  First, you need to know where you fit in the job market based on your talent, skills and abilities.  Having a good experience does not guarantee walking into a new job at the current moment, as employers are now more selective than ever when recruiting from a range of talent pool.

What are they looking for?  Well, most employers are looking for applicants that would bring something different to the table.  This involves a little more than just preparing a good CV or a doing a good interview to achieve this goal.  It is more about what you can bring to the organisation in terms of fresh inspiration and the ability to inspire their existing team to be the best.

“How do I do this?” you ask.  As an applicant, to separate yourself from the competition, you need to:

  • Be willing to “Break the Mould” – employers need new ideas and want successful applicants to provide a fresh perspective on ways in which the business can achieve its goals
  • Have potential to challenge “the status quo”  and formulate strategies for growth
  • Have an Excellent Communication Skills – exhibiting an ability to influence change both internally and externally.

High profile applicants are expected to give a vision of how they think the company can move forward in its given market.

Standing out from the crowd can be tricky, but you can receive further guidance by contacting us at to see you through all the nuisance of the job search.

Join me next time on tips for answering common questions.

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